Research and Training – The Kidney Centre

Research and Training


Research & Training is undertaken by Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training &Research Centre which was established at TKC in 2001, it...

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Ethical Review Committee

Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training and Research Centre (DPPGTRC) – the training and research arm of The Kidney Centre constantly emphasize...

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Residency Program

Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training & Research Centre has well-structured Residency Programs for Nephrology & Urology for attainment of Fellowship of...

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Health Care Workers Training Program

There is a huge burden of renal diseases and dearth of well-trained healthcare workers to look after these patients because of...

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Elective Programs

Non- Medical Internships We offer internships/electives/practicum for students who have competed their school or intermediate education and have entered professional institutions...

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Volunteer Program

Energetic school students between the age groups of 12-18 years of age are welcome any time during the year, Each year...

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