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Hospital Overview

TKC is a not-for-profit specialized hospital providing quality care to patients suffering from kidney disease. TKC opened its door to the public in 1985 with a small dialysis unit consisting of just two machines. Today, TKC provides comprehensive quality renal care to patients suffering from kidney and bladder problems. It has 100 in-patient beds, four operating theatres, and intensive care unit (with ventilators) for both adults and paediatrics, and a full range of urological, nephrological and transplant services.

Patients suffering from kidney diseases are at risk of having other diseases as well, therefore the centre also offers non-invasive cardiology services as well as gastroenterology services with endoscopic facility. Consulting clinics provide services in almost all specialties including nephrology, urology, transplant, cardiology, haematology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, general surgery, neurology, diabetology, paediatrics, physiotherapy and nutrition.

Being a community project, TKC has also undertaken the task of educating the masses about common renal ailments which, when left unattended, lead to drastic, life threatening complications. It is very active in educating and spreading knowledge about health and disease prevention at all levels of society including schools, workplaces and public places. It continuously engages in activities and events whereby education and awareness is maximized.



We shall be a premier philanthropic Institution for renal and renal-related diseases.


We shall be a premier philanthropic institution for renal and renal-related diseases.


We will provide welfare assistance to those in need thereby ensuring that no one is denied treatment simply because they cannot afford it.

We will be a regional centre of excellence in health care with state of the art facilities and professional expertise.

We are committed to the awareness, prevention and cure of renal and renal related diseases through ethical and sustainable means.

We will move towards greater collaboration with international institutions to develop the scope of our research and educational objectives.

We will ensure that the best environmental health practices and monitoring are adhered to at all times.


Under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as Not-for-Profit Institution – 1986 on 16th November, 1986.

As Voluntary Social Welfare Agency under VSWA Ordinance – 1961 on 17th November, 1992 as a Charitable Organisation.

PCP Certified since 2005.

TKC holds a valid National Tax No. (1407729-9) and is registered with the Sindh Revenue Board – SRB (SNTN 1407729-9) and is approved U/S 2(36) (c) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.


The Kidney Centre Post Graduate Training Institute(TKC-PGTI) popularly known as The Kidney Centre is a not -for-profit hospital specialising in providing comprehensive quality care to a multitude of needy patients since it’s establishment in 1985.Our primary goal being to help alleviate their very real suffering and thereby helping to save valuable lives. The treatment of kidney disease is vital and life-saving but unfortunately it is expensive, especially Dialysis which is a life -long necessity if surgical intervention is not possible.

The present is a difficult time to request financial support owing to the devastating floods that have ravaged our country and more particularly the province of Sindh. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless while disease and hunger are rampant. Heart breaking scenarios are to be found everywhere. In such an atmosphere, we have decided that it would inappropriate to hold our regular Fundraiser event scheduled for early December. This was a very difficult decision to make since there are countless patients for whom The Kidney Centre provides a virtual life line. This year alone, our Welfare department spent over Rs.500 million on the treatment of almost 100,000 patients. All of which was only made possible through the support of our donors.

Our top priority is to build a new OPERATION THEATRES COMPLEX as the current Operation Theatres have not been upgraded since 1989. The new MODULAR OPERATION THEATRES COMPLEX will comprise of 06 Operating Theatres (OTs) consisting of metal and tempered glass walls and ceilings, lighting gear, electrical equipment and medical gas incorporated etc. A separate holding and recovery room, sterilized and non-sterilized store rooms, staff and surgeon area, scrub station. This will allow the clinical team to operate with greater ease leading to better clinical outcomes. Alongside this, we will also be in a better position to introduce various diverse General Surgery and Day Care procedures in the near future. Cost of a single Operation Theatre is Rs. 35 Million and the overall cost of the project is Rs. 460 Million.

Please bear in mind that being a charitable institution we are unable to finance this urgently necessary expansion from our own meagre resources. Therefore, we are reaching out to generous philanthropists to help us in our ongoing commitment to save precious lives.

As in the past, this collective commitment to community service has achieved much that we should all continue to value and be proud of. It is a living testament to the true spirit of philanthropy and selflessness.

Marriana Karim
Chairman – Board of Governors

Board of Governors

1 Mrs. Marriana Karim Chairman
2 Mr. Adnan Afridi Vice Chairman
3 Mrs. Zavera Lotia Secretary
4 Ms. Ayesha T. Haq Joint Secretary
5 Mr. Imtiaz Laliwala Treasurer
6 Mr. Iftikhar Hussain Joint Treasurer
7 Mr. Anwar-ur-Rehman Member
8 Mr. Nasser N.S. Jaffer Member
9 Mr. Mushtaq K. Chhapra Member
10 Mr. Shahid Ahmad Member
11 Mrs. Ronak Iqbal Lakhani Member
12 Lt. Gen. [Retd.] Tariq Waseem Ghazi Member
13 Mr. Shams Rafi Member
14 Mr. Waqar I. Siddiqui Member
15 Mr. Atif R. Bokhari Member
16 Barrister Jahanzeb Awan Member
17 Dr. Naim Abdullah Member

Mrs. Marriana Karim


Mr. Adnan Afridi

Vice Chairman

Mrs. Zavera Lotia


Ms. Ayesha T. Haq

Joint Secretary

Mr. Shahid Ahmad


Mr. Imtiaz Laliwala


Mr. Iftikhar Hussain

Joint Treasurer

Mr. Anwar-ur-Rehman


Mr. Nasser N.S. Jaffer


Mr. Mushtaq K. Chhapra


Mrs. Ronak Iqbal Lakhani


Lt. Gen. [Retd.] Tariq Waseem Ghazi


Barrister Jahanzeb Awan


Mr. Shams Rafi


Mr. Waqar I. Siddiqui


Mr. Atif R. Bokhari


Dr. Naim Abdullah


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