Nutrition and Food Services Department at TKC is closely supervised by our Dietitian. The Department offers Therapeutic Modified Diets and Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition to patients as per individual needs.
Our dietitian Miss Fatima Masood is trained to provide reliable, objective nutrition information, separate facts from fads, and translate the latest scientific findings into easy-to-understand nutrition information.Fatima earned her BS Nutrition & Dietetics degree in year 2012. She is a Registered Dietitian & Regular Life Member of Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society. She assesses the Nutritional Status of in-patients by visiting patients in wards. Device diet plans for them and councils about dietary modifications and nutritional requirements as per their disease. She also plans Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition formulation for critically ill patients. She is extremely passionate about helping her patient’s others to live their best life.

In her Nutrition Clinic she focuses on helping individuals to reach their Nutrition and Health goals through simple lifestyle changes. Eating healthy foods, being active and living in balance is the core of her philosophy. Her counseling approach is all about being realistic and providing the personalized guidance for what your body needs. She is an expert in knowing that what we eat and how we treat our bodies has a significant impact on our immediate and long-term health. There is a way to balance it all to live a life that is both healthy and one you can enjoy, but it has to be personalized.

How to Make an Appointment:

Looking to go beyond the “Dieting” mentality and find personalized guidance or just eating healthier according to your need or disease?
Curious how many calories your body actually needs?
Are you looking to change your eating habits for the better?

Our Dietitian is ready to develop a personalized plan just for you!

Please call 021 3566 1000-10 Ext. 225 to speak with the dietitian and set up your appointment. Our nutrition clinic is located on the ground floor.
Clinic Timings:
Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm