From time to time, some of our donors have availed of the opportunity to dedicate a hospital space in memory of their near and dear ones. In addition, several corporate donors have also chosen to support us in this fashion. Although many areas carry commemorative plaques, there are several that are still unnamed. Any donor wishing to donate in this fashion may refer to the information provided below.


1Ground FloorGift Shop11.0 million
2Ground FloorBilling Office11.0 million
3Ground FloorEmergency Cubicle - Bed No.5-81.0 million each
4Ground FloorElevators31.0 million each
51st FloorRadiology - X-Ray12.0 million
61st FloorRadiology – CT12.0 million
71st FloorRadiology - ULTRA SOUND11.0 million
82nd FloorAdmin. Office11.5 million plus
92nd FloorLeft Wing13.0 million plus
102nd FloorMeeting Room15.0 lacs
112nd FloorMedical Records25.0 lacs each
122nd FloorSeminar Hall12.5 million
132nd FloorMuseum Library11.0 million
143rd FloorUrodynamic Room15.0 lacs
153rd FloorPhysiotherapy Room15.0 lacs
163rd FloorHistopathology12.0 million
173rd FloorMicro Biology12.0 million
183rd FloorHaematology12.0 million
193rd FloorBiochemistry12.0 million
203rd FloorUrology Department (OPD)12.0 million
213rd FloorCardiology Unit12.0 million
223rd FloorE.T.T. + Echo Room11.0 million
234th FloorSemi Private Rooms55.0 lacs each
244th FloorGeneral Wards31.0 million each
255th FloorDeluxe Patients Suite11.0 million each
265th FloorPrivate Rooms147.5 lacs each
275th FloorSemi Private Rooms45.0 lacs each
285th FloorTransplant Unit13.0 million
295th FloorTransplant Rooms47.5 lacs each