Dialysis Floor

The dialysis program was established in July 1989 with just 02 stations and gradually increased to 31 stations. However, owing to the ever growing number of renal patients, we expanded our dialysis unit. The dialysis unit situated at the 6th floor became operational in September 2014. It is an integrated modern facility that runs in four shifts and can accommodate sixty-six dialysis patients at a time. we perform 82,500 dialysis sessions annually. This expansion has enabled us to meet the growing needs of our community and has resulted in more patients being treated and reduced waiting times.

As a long term maintenance haemodialysis facility we follow standards defined by European Best Practice Guidelines with provision to dialysis patients with or without hepatitis B or C  to be dialyzed on separate dedicated machines. Patients are screened for Hepatitis-B and C viruses before registration. Dedicated machines are available for dialysis patients who are hepatitis ‘B’ and hepatitis ‘C’ positive.

There is urgent haemodialysis facility in the emergency room and the ICU as well. TKC was the first to introduce Reverse Osmosis water for hemodialysis in Pakistan. The quality of RO water is regularly checked for electrolytes, micro biology and trace elements. These efforts are only possible because of high quality support by the radiology and laboratory services.

Location: Sixth floor

Executive Dialysis Unit

There are eight individual cubicles for patients in the executive dialysis unit. Eight dialysis machines operate in two shifts, where patients undergo single use Bicarb dialysis. Each cubicle is equipped with air-conditioning, internet access and cable television for additional comfort. A separate sitting area for the attendants also provides patients with greater privacy while undergoing treatment.

Location: Second floor

Lithotripsy Services

Lithotripsy is a non-surgical procedure of breaking kidney stones into small fragments, which are subsequently passed out in the urine. The Kidney Centre is equipped with the most advanced lithotripter (MODULITH SLK) with full backup facilities like DJS insertion and push back. The Lithotripsy system at our Institute combines shockwave generation and in-line localization. Through this specific technology, in-line imaging can be easily done by Ultrasound and X-ray fluoroscopy. This advance Lithotripter is capable of performing high fragmentation efficiency with minimum side effect and lower pain sensation. Additional ancillary services may require ureteroscope, pneumatic lithotripter (Swiss Lithoclast) and C-Arm intensifier which are also available for ultrasound fragmentation whenever required. The lithotripsy department is constantly supervised by a senior urologist to ensure the best possible outcome of lithotripsy.

Location:  Third floor