We Treat

  • Burning & Leakage of Urine
  • Heaviness & Mass at Vagina
  • Frequent Micturition
  • Hesitancy (Difficult to start Act Micturition)
  • Decreased Urinary Flow
  • Sense of Incomplete Emptying
  • Stoppage of Urine
  • Bladder Pain

Specialty Treatments

• Medical Treatment • Medications • Pelvic Floor Re-education • Pessary (for Prolapse and Incontinence)

Surgical Treatments

Anterior and Posterior Floor Prolapse Repair Tension Free Vaginal Tape Ureteric Re-Implantation Genito-Urinary Fistula Repair

Diagnostic Tests & Procedures Performed Include:

Cysto-urethroscopy, Urodynamic Testing, Ultrasounds

Location: Urology Clinic, First Floor

Our Consultant:

Dr. Ayesha Saleem