Around Sixty Five per cent of patients that seek treatment at TKC are under privilege and cannot afford the cost of treatment. Therefore, with generous support of our donors, we provide comprehensive renal care either free-of-cost or at largely subsidized rates to “mustaheq” patients who cannot afford the cost of treatment.  So far in the last financial year (July 2018-June 2019) *actual upto February 2019 – March, April, May & June 2019 estimated, our Welfare Department has spent over Rs. 422,481 million on treatment of 152,482 patients.  All Zakat/charity funds are utilized to support patients who are unable to afford their medical treatment.

Recent medical surveys show that one in four Pakistanis suffer from some form of Kidney disease and any patient requiring maintenance dialysis will be dependent on a machine for the rest of his or her life!

Moreover, the very nature of Kidney failure in which a vital organ of the human body, which works 24 hours cleansing our blood of all toxins, begins to fail and requires a machine to do the work instead, has serious implications. This realization has not only a physical but a deep psychological impact on the patient. That is when the support of a hospital, in terms of services and professional expertise, becomes a key factor in the well-being of a patient.

 Amount (PKR)
Dialysis (per month) (13 sessions)Rs.45,500
Dialysis (per year) (156 sessions)Rs. 546,000
Erythropoietin Injections (per month)Rs. 7,200
Advance diagnostic procedures (e.g. CT Scan)Rs. 11,000
Lithotripsy Package Rs. 28,500
Stent Insertion/RemovalRs. 27,600
URS (Uretro-Renoscopy)Rs. 39,600
TURP (Removal of Prostate)Rs. 50,600
Nephrectomy (Kidney Removal)Rs. 57,800
PCNL (Endoscopic Procedure)Rs. 59,000