Pakistan ranks eighth in kidney diseases worldwide, causing 20,000 deaths in Pakistan every year where more than 20 million people suffer from renal disease. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is rapidly growing in Pakistan owing to factors such as late diagnosis, kidney stone disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.The number of kidney disease patients is on enormous rise and to ease the burden of patients and envisaging future requirements, a dire need for additional Modular Operation Theatres Suite was felt. The current Operation Theatres (OTs) were constructed in 1989 and are performing at full capacity and proving to be grossly insufficient to cater to the countless number of patients requiring surgery.

Rise in number of surgeries during last 05 years: During the last five years over 8000 surgical procedures were performed at TKC.

The new Modular Operation Theatres Complex at TKC will comprise of 06 Operating Theatres consisting of following components incorporated:

    1. A Control Panel (The panel consists of a real-time clock, stopwatch, temperature & pressure monitor, sensors, medical gas alarm system, and OT control switches)
    2. Metal Walls and Ceilings
    3. Lighting Gear
    4. Surgical and Anesthesia Pendants
    5. Anti-Bacterial Flooring
    6. A Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow
    7. An X-ray Screen
    8. A Surgical Scrub Platform

This will allow the clinical team to operate with greater ease leading to better clinical outcomes, creating a better cleaner and more hygienic operating room environment for both the patient and the theatre staff and the new surgical complex will prove to be a major step towards sustainability. Alongside this, we will also be in a better position to introduce various diverse General Surgery and Day Care procedures in the near future. More importantly, the New Surgical Complex will prove to be a major step towards sustainability.


The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) provides the service within the hospital to receive, store, process, distribute, sterile and control professional supplies and equipment to and from all the departments of the hospital for the care and safety of the patients. Our existing Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) department situated in the basement of the Hospital is proving to be inadequate to cater to the growing needs of the hospital, therefore, it will be reconstructed on the seventh floor and by having the OT and CSSD on the same floor the service delivery will be prompt, will increase the efficiency and there will be better coordination between CSSD and OT staff.


We are seeking firm commitments for Operation Theatres Complex, details of which are given below:

(Unit Cost in PKR)
1Modular Operation Theatres0335,000,000
(Cost of 01 OT)
2Operating Tables0310,400,000
(Cost of 01 Table)
3Operation Theatre Lights038,760,000
(Cost of 01 Light)
4Holding Area0114,000,000
5Sterile Supply Room0110,000,000
6Non-Sterile Supply Room019,000,000
7Surgeon’s and Technician’s Lounge0117,000,000
8Counseling Room012,000,000
9Waiting Area0120,000,000
10Recovery Room0118,000,000

See construction progress report