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Other Ways to Donate

Customers of the following banks can now easily donate through their internet banking portal.

For Zakat

Meezan Bank

For General Donations

Bank Al-Habib

For Charity Donations

Bank Al-Habib

US Dollar Account

Bank Al-Habib

From the UK


From the US

Donor residing in USA can donate through I-Care foundation by following the link given below:

Tax Exemption on Donations to The Kidney Centre (TKC)

The Kidney Centre PGTI has been granted approval as a non-for-profit organization under section 2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. As per section 61 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001, a person shall be entitled to a tax credit (upto 30% of taxable income in case of individual or association of person and 20% in case of a company) in respect any donation paid to The Kidney Centre PGTI.

Shariah Compliance for Zakat Donations

The Kidney Centre’s Zakat collection and utilization documents and process is certified by an independent Shariah Advisor. These documents and processes are reviewed periodically and thoroughly by the Shariah Advisor, who issues certificate confirming that all collections and disbursements are as per Shariah Rules and Regulations. All proceeds collected by The Kidney Centre as Zakat are maintained in separate bank accounts maintained at Islamic Banks in Pakistan. The funds are then utilized for the treatment of deserving patients as per well-defined SOPs governing our Zakat utilization.

Shariah Compliance for Sadqah and Khayrat

The Kidney Centre collects and spends donation (Sadqah, Khayrat) fund on needy patients in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of Shariah. For Compliance to Shariah, the Kidney Centre has defined policies of and procedures which are strictly followed. You can download a copy of our Shariah compliance certificate (PDF)