TKC Inaugurate newly reconstructed and remodeled ‘Mucca & Rustom Cowasjee Emergency Wing’. The state-of-the-art Emergency Wing have a centrally located clinical workstation, making it faster and easier for clinicians to move through the space and provide a clear view of all patient areas at all times.

Round-the-clock emergency is operational with thirteen beds, the latest high tech equipment including six emergency dialysis machines, operation theatre for minor procedures, as well separate triage area and spacious waiting area for attendants

Our doctors and para-medical staff are fully trained to handle all kinds of renal emergencies. All necessary investigations can be carried out in E.R and patient may have to stay for a period up to 12 hours or less and if required, transferred to the in-patient ward/ICU or discharged. The reception at E.R provides all necessary information about registration, discharge /transfer to ward/ICU etc.

Location: Ground floor