Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training and Research Centre (DPPGTRC) – the training and research arm of The Kidney Centre constantly emphasize on training individuals and conducting scientific and ethically sound research. All research involving human subjects have to be ethically evaluated.

DPPGTRC established The Kidney Centre Ethical Review Committee (TKC-ERC) on 20th February 2013. The Chair and 40 per cent of its members are from other institutions thereby reducing the conflict of interest.

Up till January 2017, 42 studies have been approved by TKC-ERC.

Members Ethical Review Committee

Dr. Jamshed Akhtar
Paediatric Surgeon
National Institute of Child Health

Ms. Naela Umer
Coordinator DPPGTRC
The Kidney Centre PGTI

Professor Aasim Ahmad
Dean & Chief Nephrologist
The Kidney Centre PGTI

Ms. Asfiya Aziz
Manager Publishing
Medical Books Division
Paramount Books Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Hasan Nasir Abbas
Incharge Hemodialysis Clinic
The Kidney Centre PGTI

Dr. Lubna Shazi
Manager Regulatory Affairs
Basil Biopharm

Dr. Nazia Khursheed
Infection Control Consultant
The Kidney Centre PGTI

Ms. Safia Bibi
Research Officer
Pakistan Medical Research Centre
Jinnah Post Medical Centre

Ms. Sumaira Khowaja Punjwani
Manager Nursing Education
Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (AMTF)

Ms. Taranum Ruba Siddiqui
Research Officer and Molecular Laboratory Supervisor
Pakistan Medical Research Centre, Jinnah Post Medical Centre.