Research & Training is undertaken by Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training &Research Centre which was established at TKC in 2001, it is governed by an Academic Board (AB) headed by the Dean and its main purpose is to accomplish excellence in academics & research in renal and renal-related diseases by conducting and publishing research and train individuals.

Vision Statement

Centre par excellence: Striving for betterment in human health through research and training.

Mission Statement

DPPGTRC’s mission is to set standards by:

  • Conducting high quality, collaborative and ethical translational research for improvement of human health & health systems.
  • Fostering an environment that will inculcate qualities like integrity, honesty, professionalism and highest degree of commitment in academics and learning at all levels of health professionals so that they achieve leadership roles nationally and internationally

Functions of the Academic Board of DPPGTRC

The Academic Board oversees the development of all academic activities of the institute, helps formulate and review policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to academic matters. Guides in maintenance of quality of teaching and research in the institute.

The founding members of the Academic Board and their tenures are:

S.No. Name of Members Affiliations Membership Duration
1 Professor Aasim Ahmad Dean & Chief Nephrologist
The Kidney Centre
2009 – To Date
2 Late Professor Syed Mohibur Rab Academician and CPSP councilor 2009 – 2014
3 Dr. Farhat Abbas; Urologist & Dean -AKUH 2009 – Sep. 2015
4 Dr Salman El Khalid; Head-Department of Urology
The Kidney Centre
2009 – To Date
5 Dr Malik Anas Rabbani; Consultant Nephrologist
The Kidney Centre
2009 – 2011
6 Dr. Syed Mamun Mahmud; Secretary to Board, Consultant Urologist – The Kidney Centre 2009 – 2014
7 Dr Jamsheer  Jehangir Talati Professor of Surgery & Academician – Aga Khan University 2009 – To Date
8 Dr. Nageeb Basir Cardiologist 2009 – To Date
9 Dr. Syed Mansoor Ahmed Shah Nephrologist 2009 – To Date
10 Dr. Zaigham Abbas Gastroenterologist – SIUT & AKU 2009 – To Date
11 Dr Ziad Sophie Vascular Surgeon – SIUT & AKU 2009 – To Date
12 Dr. Khawar Abbas Kazmi Cardiologist – AKU 2009- Sep. 2015
13 Ms. Zavera Lotia Member Board of Governor
The Kidney Centre
2009 – 2015

Present Academic Board Members are:

S. No. Name of Members Designations Membership Status Membership Tenure
1 Professor Aasim Ahmad Dean & Chief Nephrologist The Kidney Centre Chairperson 2009-To date
2 Dr. Salman Imtiaz Consultant Nephrologist The Kidney Centre Secretary Oct, 2014 – To date
3 Professor Jamsheer Talati Urologist & Academician The Aga Khan University Member 2009 – To date
4 Dr. Mansoor Shah Nephrologist The Aga Khan University Member 2009-To date
5 Dr. Najeeb Basir Cardiologist, The Kidney Centre, The Aga Khan University, South City Hospital and Indus Hospital Member 2009-To date
6 Dr. Salman El Khalid Urologist & Head of Department of Urology, The Kidney Centre, Member 2009-To date
7 Dr. Zaigham Abbas Gastroenterologist, The Aga Khan University Member 2009-To date
8 Dr. Ziad Sophie Vascular Surgeon, SIUT & The Aga Khan University Member 2009-To date
9 Professor Tariq Rafi Vice Chancellor Jinnah Sindh Medical University & ENT Surgeon Member Oct, 2014 – To date
10 Dr. Syeda Kauser Ali Associate Professor; Dept. for Educational Development – AKU Member Jan, 2015 – To date
11 Dr. Aziz Abdullah Professor of Urology, LNH Member Jan, 2015 – To date
12 Mr. Shahid Ahmed Member Board of Governors Ex-Officio 2015 – to date