There is a huge burden of renal diseases and dearth of well-trained healthcare workers to look after these patients because of ‘Brain drain’, lack of specific training programs and high cost of training (which is not affordable by youth from lower socio-economic background). All our trainees receive a stipend and no fee is charged.

The below stated programs are affiliated from Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU)

  • Aide Nurse Training Program- (course duration 12-months)

Minimal qualification required is Matric in science (intermediate preferred). This program gives young individual quality knowledge and skills to assist registered nurses and doctors in providing high standard of nursing care to patients suffering from renal disease. It also serves as a platform for these individuals to enhance their qualifications.

  • Bio-medical Officers Training Program- (course duration 12-months)

Minimal qualification is 3 years diploma in Bio-Medical, electronics or instrumentation (BS preferred). As this training in special medical equipment is also considered as their work experience, it gives them an edge in the market.

  • Hemodialysis Technicians Training Program- (course duration 18-months)

Minimum qualification matric in science (intermediate preferred). This program imparts the basic knowledge, skills and attitude that will be required by the trainee to be able to function as future assistant dialysis technician.

  • Clinical Laboratory Technician Training Program- (course duration 12-months)

Minimal qualification Intermediate in premedical (diploma in laboratory science or BS preferred). This program was started keeping in view the prevailing pattern in the job market, the high inflation and to prepare the students for positions as technicians in the hospital based laboratories.

  • ICU Technician Training Program- (under development)