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  • Dr. Muhammed Bilal Masood Khan

    Consultant Urologist

  • Prof. Dr. Raheela Mohsin Rizvi

    Consultant Uro-Gynaecologist

  • Prof. Dr. Arit Parkash

    Paediatric Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

  • Dr. Abdul Hafeez Qureshi

    Consultant Urologist

  • Dr. Shahid Majid

    Consultant Gastroenterologist

  • Dr. Aneel Kumar

    Consultant Pulmonologist

  • Dr. Imran Iftikhar

    Consultant Cardiologist

  • Dr. Shariq Anis Khan

    Consultant Paediatric Urologist & Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Safia Moin Qureshi

    Consultant Microbiologist & Head of Infection Control Department

  • Dr. Kiran Nasir

    Consultant Nephrologist & Associate Professor