Sultan Sikander was a 7-year-old boy who was diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer after experiencing worrying symptoms such as severe pain, vomiting, and urinary obstruction he was rushed to the hospital.

It was difficult to imagine how his parents must have felt when they were told their child had cancer. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and received one year of Chemotherapy in a tertiary hospital before recovering from his life-threatening cancer. Soon after, he began complaining of urinary obstruction, and on the same doctor’s recommendation, he was referred to The Kidney Centre (TKC) to have his Cystoscopy and B/L RGU performed, which is approved by TKC’s Urologist to treat his urinary obstruction.

The patient’s father is a rickshaw driver who is poor and suffering from his child’s life-threatening condition. TKC Welfare Department is fully supporting this young boy because he aspires to be a pilot and fly higher in the sky like birds.

We also need your generous support and Zakat fund to help this child grow and Flourish