A two-year child, Mehtab, came to The Kidney Centre (TKC). He is a chronic kidney disease patient. He lives with his parents and grandmother along with his sister in a rented house in destitute area of Bazarta line, Saddar, Karachi. Mehtab’s father works on a fuel station (petrol Pump) on daily wages whose monthly earnings are approximately Rs. 18,000. Its burdensome for him to fulfill his family’s basic needs. In this condition, he is incapable of bearing the treatment of his son, but he came to TKC with a hope in his eyes.

TKC began Mehtab’s treatment immediately from its Patient Welfare Department and provided the best consultants. He went through Hypospadias procedures due to renal artery reconstruction to protect the patient from chronic kidney failure.

His parents want to see him smiling again like other children.

Your donations are very important for us in saving his life.

We would request you to send your Zakat and Donations to TKC for his treatment and help us in saving valuable life.