Master Mujahid, a 2year old patient from Memon Malir Goth visited a hospital in his neighbourhood he was in severe kidney pain. He was in dire need of welfare support due to his weak financial conditions, one of his relatives recommended his family to visit The Kidney Centre where he could get welfare support to support for his treatment. After knowing about The Kidney Centre, his family brought him to the hospital where he got the initial and basic treatment.

The patient’s father is a Gardner by profession, he earns Rs.1800 only and he is solely responsible for meeting his family expenditure. Due to his current financial situation, The Kidney Centre’s welfare department provided all possible financial assistance to Master Mujahid for his medical treatment. He got admitted to TKC with severe kidney pain, he was examined by our doctors who took care of him. He is feeling much better and his father is also relaxed and thankful to The Kidney Centre for supporting his son’s medical expenditures.