3 years old boy named Master Ammar visits TKCI 2 years back along with his mother Mrs. Ayesha Bibi in an emergency because he was in pain. His treatment got started and some laboratory tests were also done to identify the kidney issue. later doctor diagnosed kidney stones in his kidney. For his treatment, doctors shifted him from the emergency to the ward because his PCNL and URS simple were planned.

The patient got treated and discharged in 4 days. Now patient used to come to The TKC for his follow-ups from the Consultant.

The patient needs your support because his family conditions are not good because his father is a drug addict and now he has become so much unconscious that he doesn’t recognize his children nor he visits them. Mrs. Ayesha Bibi is solely responsible for taking care of his 6 kids including Master Ammar. She does stitching and lives at her mother’s home.

Help this child in his treatments and provide your generous Zakat to the patients like Master Ammar.