Life is a unique puzzle – sometimes a little help gives a glimmer of hope, making things bearable for those in pain. The same is the case of patient Kas Bano; she travels to TKC for dialysis thrice a week from a very distant area in Balochistan. 36 years old and very brave, Kas Bano makes a 5-hour journey via public transport to reach TKC, where she then undergoes dialysis, all to better her health. Every journey costs Rs. 500 to reach The Kidney Centre and make it back home.

Kas Bano is a mother to six children. Her husband is a peon and earns Rs. 22,000, and one of her sons is a labourer who earns Rs. 500 per day. In Balochistan, there is no proper dialysis treatment available, which compels Kas Bano to travel such long distances thrice a week. She has made exceptionally good progress.

Dialysis is a lifelong and expensive treatment, and patients such as Kas Bano are in need of your Zakat and donations to support their treatment.