Ghazala was only 13 years old when her kidneys failed. One night, she became ill with high fever. Her parents took her to the nearest dispensary, where a doctor prescribed medicines and an injection. Ghazala had a strong allergic reaction – her face became swollen and she began suffering extreme nausea. Her parents rushed her immediately to a hospital, but the treatment she received was totally unsatisfactory as her symptoms continued. Her desperate parents then turned to some of their relatives for advice.

Fortunately, an aunt recommended that Ghazala be taken to TKC, which she had recently read about in the papers. Ghazala was admitted with edema and loss of appetite, and after a thorough investigation and a renal biopsy, it was confirmed that she was suffering from renal failure. She was put on Hemodialysis and advised to have maintenance Hemodialysis three times a week, which she has now been undergoing for 14 years.

Initially, with this diagnosis, Ghazala’s family was faced with dire financial distress. Her mother Rukhtaj Bibi used to sew clothes to earn a living, but being a heart patient herself since the last 4 years, she is now dependent on Zakat donations to meet the family’s needs. Ghazala’s father, a Tuberculosis patient, passed away when she was 17, and now Ghazala, her mother and two step-sisters live on very modest means in their home in Landhi, an impoverished area of Karachi.

TKC Welfare Department, however, came to the rescue and has been providing free treatment to Ghazala through the support of many generous donors to keep her Dialysis treatments ongoing. There by, saving one more precious life.

TKC needs your support and your Zakat to give Ghazala, and many others like her, a better quality of life.