Baby Maida, a 10month old patient from Dadu is the youngest daughter of her parents. Baby Maida was born with one kidney. Her parents got to know about her disease because the baby used to cry every time she urinated. They took her to their nearest hospital in Dadu and got an ultrasound done. Doctors recommended they go for treatment in Hyderabad or Karachi. They came to Hyderabad for her treatment but doctors were unable to treat her and again referred her to a local hospital where they admitted the baby for one month.

Parents observed that baby was not getting better and informed the parents that her only kidney is also swollen which is developing complications. So the parents came to The Kidney Centre so that they could get better treatment for their baby.

The Paediatric Urologist at The Kidney Centre examined the baby, they diagnosed her with a uterine reflux, a condition in which urine from the bladder is able to flow back up into the kidneys through the tubes that connect the kidneys with the bladder. This patient was admitted and surgery was performed to fix the problem.

Maida’s parents were very thankful to The Kidney Centre for helping and giving their baby the best treatment because now baby Maida is living a normal and pain-free life.