5-year old patient baby Anaya from Zilla Rajanpur, Punjab was suffering from a kidney infection since birth. As she started growing up she complained of having pain on the right side of the pelvic. Her parents took her to a hospital in Punjab as her eyes got swelled and she was suffering from fever for many days. When her tests were done, the doctor said that she may have a blood infection and she should visit The Kidney Centre in Karachi.

Her parents brought her to The Kidney Centre. Her swelling had increased and she was suffering from blood and protein deficient too. The consultants at TKC after observing the condition of Anaya decided that the patient needs Biopsy urgently so that they could diagnose a suspected kidney problem for kidney disease. In this way, the patient will be provided treatment according to her needs.

The patient’s biopsy was done and she had to undergo surgery to treat the condition. She is on road to recovery and she loves to study and wants to go to school healthy and happy.