Research & Training is undertaken by Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training &Research Centre (DPPGTRC) which was established at The Kidney Centre Post Graduate Training (TKC-PGTI) in 2001, it is governed by an Academic Board (AB) headed by the Dean and its main purpose is to conduct research, train individuals and publish.

Academic Board Members

  1. Professor Aasim Ahmad, Chief Nephrologist and Dean TKC-PGTI
  2. Professor Farhat Abbas, Consultant Urologist
  3. Professor Jamsheer Talati, Consultant Urologist, AKUH
    Professor Khawar Abbas Kazmi, Consultant Cardiologist and Head, Section of Cardiology, AKUH
    Dr. Mansoor Shah, Consultant Nephrologist, AKUH
    Dr. Nageeb Basir, Consultant Cardiologist, AKUH/South City/ TKC- PGTI
    Dr. Salman El Khalid, Chief Urologist and Head, Department of Urology, TKC-PGTI
    Dr. Salman Imtiaz, Consultant Nephrologist and Secretary Academic Board, TKC-PGTI
    Dr. Tariq Rafi, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Vice Chancellor, JSMU
    Dr. Zaigham Abbas, Consultant Gastroenterologist, SIUT & AKUH
    Dr. Ziad Sophie, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, SIUT & AKUH
    Ms. Zavera Lotia, Member Board of Governor, TKC-PGTI