World Heart Day was organized on Saturday, September 30, 2023 at TKC, creating awareness about the prevention, diagnosis and management of Cardiac problems. Free screenings, including blood pressure, sugar levels and body mass composition, were offered to participants.
Followed by lectures conducted by Consultant Cardiologists and Clinical Dietician cover a wide range of important topics related to heart health:
1. Dr. Imran Iftikhar’s lecture on “Coronary Artery Disease: How to Suspect, Prevent, and Manage in Kidney Patients” is crucial, as individuals with kidney issues often face a higher risk of cardiovascular problems.
2. Dr. Muhammad Faisal Aslam’s discussion on “Lifestyle Modification for Heart Patients” is vital for educating people about the positive changes they can make in their daily lives to improve heart health.
3. Dr. Sultana Habib’s lecture on “Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Women” addresses a specific demographic and highlights the importance of tailored approaches to heart health for women.
4. Ms. Tayyaba Asad’s presentation on “Diet for a Healthy Heart” is essential, as diet plays a significant role in heart health, and providing dietary guidance can help people make better choices.