Mr. Tahir Hussain Sangi on behalf of Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Secretary Health, GOS inaugurated the FREE EYE CLINIC at The Kidney Centre (TKC) on Monday 17 July 2023. He was accompanied by Dr. Faiz Mangi, Chief Technical Officer Health Department, GOS. This is a Public Service Initiative by LRBT and TKC. The Free Eye Clinic will provide comprehensive eye examination services to patients suffering from eye diseases. Those who require further investigations or surgical intervention will be referred to the LRBT Hospital in Korangi. For general information, Diabetes is the most common cause for both kidney and eye diseases, hence this is a vital healthcare collaboration by both these reputable institutions.

Mrs. Marriana Karim, Chairman Board of Governors, and Dr. Rashid Jooma, Chief Executive Officer, thanked Mr. Tahir Hussain Sangi for visiting TKC and inaugurating the Free Eye Clinic. The Inauguration Ceremony was also attended by Dr. Mahwash Khan, Head of Community Eye Care Services, LRBT and Dr. Zafar Taj, TKC Management and Members of the Board of Governors.