The Kidney Centre Post Graduate Training Institute congratulates Professor Aasim Ahmad, Dean & Chief Nephrologist, TKC on being elected on the Board of International Association of Bioethics on 21st September, 2019. Professor Aasim will serve on this Board for 4 years.

The International Association of Bioethics is located in Quebec, Montreal which conducts the study of ethical, social, legal, philosophical, and other related issues arising in health care and the biological sciences. The Association exists for educational and scientific purposes, and not for the purpose of making profits for its members or for any other person or organization. The Association’s has the following educational and scientific objectives:

  1. to facilitate contacts and the exchange of information between those working in bioethics in different parts of the world;
  2. to organize and promote international conferences in bioethics;
  3. to encourage the development of research and teaching in bioethics; and
  4. to uphold the value of free, open and reasoned discussion of issues in