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Do you write romance or fantasy novel and only read romance or fantasy novel? Well, let us tell you what you’re doing wrong. That’s the easiest way to fall for each genre’s cliches and write shallow, hackneyed stories. However, when you read novels of other genres, when you read the classic works of world literature, when you read works from different literary currents, you broaden your focus. Your writing moves away from what is common in your genre and acquires originality because reading will help you find your own style and new ideas. Do not isolate yourself in a genre, dare to know the incredible diversity that is in the books. Study history. Delve into the characters and read additional info. Meditate on how the writer has arranged the elements of the plot. When you read a book, don’t just think “It’s good” or “It’s bad.” Analyze why it is good or bad. Which parts did you like and why, or which parts did you find lazy and why. Ask yourself how it could have been done better. Books, for a writer, are never mere entertainment but are an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Reading is fun, so enjoy when you do. Yes, we just said that you should read carefully. And it’s not a lie. But you will see that the more you read, the easier it will be to carry out an analysis of the reading in parallel, while you simply limit yourself to enjoying the story. Your trained brain will catch the plot hits and misses almost unconsciously and when you write you will know how to replicate or avoid them in your own stories. And all this while having a good time while reading. Isn’t it fantastic?