The Kidney Centre is a state of the art health institution that deals with renal and renal related disease and has been in operations for over 35 years.

Cater Customer Need:

  • We have been catering needs of the individual and corporate customers, with Special discount on pharmacy and Diagnostic test .

Dedicated Professional Services:

  • We provide dedicated in house services that include continuous liaison between customer and his/her organization effective and efficient consultation round the clock with qualified doctors & in-house Radiology, Pharmacy and laboratory services, which served our customers 24/7.

Quick Reporting for Labs

  • CAP certified laboratory with reporting for routine tests within hours.

Authority Letters

  • Authority letters from corporate clients are entertained for a more hassle free experience

Round the clock Medical Assistance :

  • Our clinical / medicals services include but are not restricted to noninvasive cardiology with competent cardiologist, adult & Peads Nephrology, Urology, Pulmonologist, Diabetologist , Neurologist ,Physiotherapy Peads Gastroenterologist ,female friendly urology & Urogynocologist Clinic, vascular surgery clinic and bed wetting clinic .

For Appointment 24/7 -021-35661000-10

Dedicated Desk For Corporate 24/7:

  • We look forward to providing one window service to our customers

Mobile Number. 0326-8077569