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mbank Pay:  The Kidney Centre, Post Graduate Training institute
A/C #: 0107-0101976284
IBAN #: PK88MEZN0001070101976284
Swift Code: MEZNPKKA
Meezan Bank Limited,
Clifton Branch, Karachi
hbl Pay:  The Kidney Centre, PGTI Zakat
A/C #: 00657901211703
IBAN #: PK36HABB0000657901211703
Swift Code: HABBPKKA
Habib Bank Limited,
JPMC Branch, Karachi
Bip logo Pay:  The Kidney Centre, PGTI (Zakat)
A/C #: 1096-0004197-0202
IBAN #: PK05 BKIP 0109 6000 4197 0202
Swift Code: BKIPPKKA
BankIslami Pakistan Ltd.,
Askari III, Main School Road, Karachi
*AT TKC, Zakat Disbursement is Shari’a Compliant


bank al habib Pay:  The Kidney Centre PGTI
A/C #: 1005-0081-027999-01-1
IBAN #: PK50 BAHL 1005 0081 0279 9901
Swift Code : BAHLPKKA
Bank Al Habib Limited,
Zamzama Branch Karachi
hbl Pay:  The Kidney Centre PGTI
A/C #: 00657000120401
IBAN #: PK74 HABB 0000657000120401
Swift Code: HABBPKKA
Habib Bank Limited,
J.P.M.C Branch Karachi


bank al habib Pay:  The Kidney Centre, PGTI
A/C #: 1005-0081-027999-02-2
IBAN #: PK23 BAHL 1005 0081 0279 9902
Swift Code: BAHLPKKA
Bank AL Habib Ltd.,
Zamzama, Karachi
UBL Logo Pay:  The Kidney Centre PGTI
A/C #: 0109000200010135
IBAN #: PK43 UNIL 0109 0002 0001 0135
Swift Code: UNILPKKA
UBL Bank,
Clifton Branch, Karachi


bank al habib Pay:  The Kidney Centre PGTI
A/C #: 1005-0418-027999-75-6
IBAN #: PK76BAHL1005041802799975
Swift Code: BAHLPKKA
Bank AL Habib Ltd.,
Zamzama, Karachi


Barclays_logo.svg Pay:  The Kidney Centre Karachi
A/C #: 93143007
Sort Code: 204734
IBAN #: GB94 BARC 2047 3493 143007
Swift Code: BARCGB22
Barclays Bank PLC 132-134 Kensington
High Street, London W8 7RP

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