Insertion and management of peripheral intravenous cannulation was conducted on 26th March, 2016 at The Kidney Centre. This workshop was facilitated by Mr. Hadi Raza Habib (Manager Nursing), Mr. G M Siddiqui (Clinical Instructor Nursing) and Ms. Mussarat Louis (Infection Control Nurse). There were 25 participants mainly nursing staff and aide nurses in this workshop. Peripheral intravenous cannulation is a common invasive procedure usually performed at 90% of hospitalized patients, although it is a minor procedure, it has the potential to introduce infection into the local tissue at site of cannulation or directly into the blood stream and can cause serious complications.
The objective of workshop was to educate and ensure that Registered Nurses get the best knowledge and skills when doing the procedure and caring for the peripheral intravenous cannulation site during their practices. The final outcome was to contribute towards better patient care and safety and avoid potential infection in our hospital. A certificate of participation was awarded to all participants by Professor Aasim Ahmed (Dean Dorab Patel Post Graduate Training & Research Centre of The Kidney Centre).